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Cattle Education


Milk Quality

Heartland Veterinary Services offers a wide variety of approaches when assisting you with milk quality and udder health improvement needs!  Through the analysis of herd and DHI records, we can assist you in determining what types of mastitis issues you are likely to be dealing with.  We also offer on-farm milking routine evaluation, protocol development, and strategies to reduce the impact that mastitis can have in your herd.
NEW TO HEARTLAND is the addition of an in-clinic mastitis laboratory where we can culture individual cow milk samples to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of specific clinical mastitis cases.  With a fast 24 to 48 hour turn-around time, this new service is sure to make dealing with mastitis easier! The information gathered is then used by your herd veterinarian to tailor protocols and recommendations specific to your farm’s needs.


Nutritional Services

Heartland veterinarians have been offering nutritional services for many decades.  We are keen to deliver a complete analysis and ration formulation program for all classes of livestock in your herd.


Cow Comfort

Providing an environment that allows for a comfortable cow or calf is the first step to creating a happy and productive animal!  The Heartland team of veterinarians is willing and able to assist you in discussing barn design, bedding and space requirements, and management strategies that will ensure your animals are comfortable.